Trumpet X Radio Music, Talk Radio, And More. We are a online Radio Station with International Airplay. Trumpet X Radio has listeners on 6 Continents, and is receiving Airplay in 195 Countries around the World. Trumpet X Radio is based in the United States of America in the Beautiful City of Las Vegas, Nevada. We at Trumpet X Radio believe in the Freedom of Speech, Free Exercise of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and the Right to Peaceably Assemble on the Radio.
However because these views may or may not be the same as our Listeners around the world and/or, Paid Advertisers, Sponsors, Various Shows and Music played on Trumpet X Radio this is our Disclaimer to our Listening Audience. Due to Sensitive Content from some of our Paid Advertisement, Sponsors, Shows, and Music aired on Trumpet X Radio these are not the full views of Trumpet X Radio.
Trumpet X Radio does not endorse any content or approve any claims and/or products presented by any Paid Advertisers, Sponsors, Shows, and Music aired on Trumpet X Radio. Any illegal activity, or failure to abide by Trumpet X Radio Terms Of Service, terminates affiliation immediately.
Trumpet X Radio is a legal Internet Radio Broadcaster. Our Affiliate's Live365 Broadcasters, LLC Validates Trumpet X Radio filing and reporting to The Royalty Performance Rights Organization. These filings, reporting, and fees are paid through Live365 Broadcasters, LLC for Trumpet X Radio.
Respectfully! It is our hope, and goal to continue to be invited into your Homes, Schools, Places of Worship and Businesses. As it is our goal at Trumpet X Radio to provide you with our very best efforts from Music, Talk Radio and More. Thank You.
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